Drinking Flowers

Genre: Psychedelic / Garage rock
Homebase: Los Angeles, USA
Release: “Shadow Show” Flexi-book EP
Sample: Eager Waves Teaser Tape Vol. 1
Social: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bandcamp

Much like the dark noir novel that their name was inspired from Drinking Flowers has carved their way into the California neo-psycedelic/garage scenes following their own rules. From impenetrable walls of sound, to jangling dark paisley punk the band never ceases to stretch genre formulas. A year after releasing their blistering “Sanity Restored 1972″ EP, the band has refocused their energy into recording an album with less looping riffs and more twisted pop themes. “Shadow Show” will be out October/November 2014 on Eager Waves Records. Drinking Flowers is featured on the free download Eager Waves Teaser Tape Vol. 1